Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations resolve conflict, improve relationships and strengthen community.

Welcome to Midlands Mediation Center – MMC.

Incorporated as the Community Mediation Center in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MMC provides a safe, non-adversarial process for people to resolve their disputes confidentially and inexpensively.  Our trained mediators help resolve disputes between friends, neighbors, groups, family members and between employees and employers.


MMC is a Certified Partner Agency of United Way of the Midlands.

MMC values diversity and its programs are intended to be a reflection of our communities, including the multitude of traditions, customs, and values.  We honor, embrace, and encourage diversity in all aspects of our work and seek diversity in our volunteers, staff and board of directors.

MMC is supported by donations, grants, contracts, and fee-for-service income from training and other services that are provided on a sliding fee scale based on disputants’ ability to pay.

MMC works hard to adjust its services to meet new needs, while maintaining services that continue to be important.

MMC is located adjacent to Columbia College at 4801 Colonial Drive in Columbia, SC, on the second floor of the College Place United Methodist Church. 

Contact us at 803-714-1176


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Benefits of Mediation

Mediation presents the opportunity to peacefully express conflict and to “hear each other out” even when an agreement is not reached. -  National Association of Community Mediation

Benefits of Mediation

  • It is informal.
  • It is voluntary.
  • It helps parties reach agreements consensually – the mediator cannot impose a solution.
  • It is confidential.
  • It emphasizes self determination and problem-solving, not “naming and blaming”.
  • It focuses parties on their underlying “interests” (needs) instead of their “positions” (demands).
  • It is a practical process that moves the parties beyond anger and other negative emotions often experienced in conflicts.
  • It helps preserve and improve relationships.


Our Clientele -

  • Friends, neighbors, community groups and families;
  • Employees and employers;
  • Couples negotiating separation, divorce, custody, property settlements;
  • Landlords and tenants disputing rent and housing conditions;
  • Litigants in Magistrates Court cases who may resolve their cases without going to trial;
  • Multiple parties in organized groups or associations


For information or assistance, contact us at 803-714-1176

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Major Programs

  • Community Mediation  resolves interpersonal disputes between friends, neighbors, and family members, using highly trained volunteer mediators at no cost to disputants.
  • Children and Schools  provides peer mediation training and program design for all grade levels, enhancing learning by improving behavior, minimizing disruptions and reducing violence.
  • Family Mediation  provides low-cost mediation services relating to separation and divorce, by skilled mediators on a sliding scale, based on income.
  • Magistrates Court Mediation  provides the opportunity for those with cases in Magistrate’s Court to resolve their dispute using mediation rather than going to trial.
  • Employee Mediation helps employees and employers settle workplace disputes.
  • Group Facilitation assists multiple parties, large groups and organizations to productively discuss issues or concerns and make good decisions, enabling them to move forward.
  • Training offers various courses in mediation, conflict resolution, and communication skill building for individuals, organizations, agencies and firms.

Results:  Typically 80% of disputants and other program beneficiaries reach agreement, and all learn and practice new skills and behaviors that can change lives and improve relationships.

Referral Sources include local courts, law enforcement, schools, agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Contact us at 803-714-1176




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